BMS Event: Jan van Hest Group Visit

bio-organic chemistry group, jan van hest, radbound universityProf. Jan van Hest ; Photo credits: Dr. Dana Kikic

Prof. Jan van Hest from the Radboud University, Netherlands, likes combining business and pleasure. Once a year he goes to a group retreat with his students, but makes sure they come back with a bunch of new ideas in their young, curious heads. To this purpose he organizes daily seminars with the carefully selected research groups worldwide. After Cambridge, London and Gent, the van Hest Group visited our Department in Berlin and joined us for a day of scientific talks and inspirational get-together. Here are some impressions: ...

kerry gilmore, microreactors, biomolecular systemsDr. Kerry Gilmore, leader of the Continuous Chemical Systems Group, explained the system of continuous chemical synthesis or chemical assembly lines (CAL) developed in the Group.

fabian pfrengle, biomolecular systems, synthetic plant carbohydratesDr. Fabian Pfrengle, leader of the Synthetic Plant Carbohydrates Group, co-organized the event.

serotonin, jan van hest group, radboud universityCombining fashion and chemistry. If you guess the molecule, the beer is on me.

biomolecular systems, nano groupGirls in Chemistry.

jan van hest, radboud universityBoys in Chemistry.

daniel pussak, polymeric biomimetics,Which Chemistry?

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