BMS Recommends

BMS Recommends: Science goes Social

Put your headphones on and tune up your sound to find out how scientific research is catching up with the social media buzz and if tweeting can enhance your citation index. Dr. Florian Hauer from science start-up labfolder takes on Social Media Week Berlin. Stay patient for Q&A section that will sum up the basic problems of the 3S relation: scientist - sharing - social.

BMS Recommends: UniKino - 21 (2008)

unikino, hff potsdam Have you ever wonder how "true" are Hollywood movies based on true events? Of course you did and here comes the opportunity to meet like-minded disbelievers shedding the light on the science of probability behind the Hollywood´s 21 (2008) movie. Stop by HFF Potsdam on September 24, 2013 at 17:30 for a movie projection and a chat about the Hollywood´s takeover on the story of 6 MIT students who took Vegas for millions with a panel of truly then true scientists.