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For the House of Cards addicts amongst you, my favorite character is young, ambitious and somewhat silly journalist Zoe Barnes. Do not underestimate her, though - the way I see the development of the show, she will be the only one with mind, wit and skills to step on Frank Underwood´s tail *. We meet her running errands as a Washington Herald trainee and, when she suggests to her then-boss-later-lover Lucas Goodwin that she would like to start a Capitol Hill kiss and tell blog for the Herald, he brushes her off with the remark that she just wants to show-off with rubbing shoulders with the mighty and powerful.

Life at the Biomolecular Systems is not always a "ponyhof", as a German would put it. What really keeps us going is that once and then we get a blast of doing something extraordinary, sometimes ludicrously heuristic and annoyingly unpredictable, still, something with a huge impact. My visit to the Berlin Minds event on one of the  last days of 2013, was such an occasion. ...

dorothee schumacher, dana kikicScience meets Fashion: Dr. Dana Kikic and Ms. Dorothee Schumacher

Berlin Minds, the newest endeavor of Zurich Minds with the logistic support of F.A.Z, is a closed door event accessible only to the invited ones. It is an intimate meeting of science, art and industry most daring thinkers. Once there, one can easily chat with Dorothee Schumacher of the eponymous label, or Rolf Dobelli of The Art of Thinking Clearly fame. Or just sip a coffee with the dressed-up gents calling themselves "investment scouts". Not having the slightest idea that such a profession existed at all, it suddenly occurred to me that, at Berlin Minds, investment scouts are popping up from every corner hoping to get the glimpse of the next big thing.

kate stoneKate Stone: Putting electronics into paper - a drum playing poster

Finally, a reference to the Ms. Barnes story: this post is not about me "rubbing shoulders with the mighty and powerful" (minds). This post is dedicated to the "Berlin Minds" who inspired me. People extraordinary in their achievements and humble in their gestures - for a box of Lindt Pralines and upon a Rolf Dobelli invitation, they flew in from all over the world to share their ideas and inventions.

dana kikicThe inspired audience at Berlin Minds, 2013

Then, before even being able to accomodate to the wonder, they left us open-mouthed with something that does not have a price nor a tag: a feeling that we, humans, are able to paddle a helicopter, travel to mars, create new galaxies, create new realities, create drugs from waste, tackle the free will and the consciousness, operate on living brain, play Bach on the accordeon, and who knows what more! peter seeberger, artemisinin





Prof. Peter Seeberger preparing for the stage

artemisinin, peter seebergerMaking Drugs from Waste: a new way of synthesizing Artemisinin was shown on the stage

Helmut Bertalanffy, berlin mindsProf. Dr. med. Helmut Bertalanffy performs complicated brain surgeries on a daily basis for more then 20 years.

marco tempest, berlin mindsMarco Tempest is a virtual magician and/or a cyber illusionist creating augmented realities with high tech devices.

Dan Dennett, berlin mindsProf. Dan Dennett combines cognitive sciences and philosophy in his theories of free will and decision making

scientific american, fred guterlFred Guterl, Executive Editor of Scientific American, on the twelve most important discoveries that marked 2013.

cubli, Gajamohan Mohanarajah

     I cannot explain you what the Cubli is, you need to see it for yourself (click on the photo).

berlin minds, zurich minds, rolf dobelliBerlin Minds, a spin-off of Zurich Minds, should be there to stay. I hope this was not good-bye, but "aufwiedersehen".

* Spoiler alert! After watching the first episode of the season 2 just some weeks after I wrote this blog post, I was genuinely shocked by Zoe Barnes violent death. It seems that my naïveté in the matters of movie scripts resembles Ms. Barnes´ when accusing Underwood of committing a murder.